Ballast Point Sculpin


Where – San Benito Ale House, Half Moon Bay

How – On Tap

Probably my favorite IPA.  Sculpin comes in at 7% ABV with 70 IBUs.

Sculpin pours a rich golden color.  Has a hint of lemon on the nose.  Flavor is fruity with some grapefruit hoppiness.  It packs a mouthful, but in a good and almost refreshing way for an IPA.  Smooth.


(pic from a more recent Sculpin indulgence at the Tradesmen in SF.  Sara approves).

The only problem with Scuplin IPA is unless you are buying it at a bar, it is exceedingly pricey.  At last check at Whole Foods, a 6er was $14.  I have found it to be $6-$7 on tap, or even bought cans at Gott’s in the SF Ferry Building for $5.

Overall, tough to beat.



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