The last few years have seen me drink more IPAs than one man should.  As a result, I decided it would be a good idea to at least put these hours of hard “work” to a useful cause, spreading my thoughts on the single best style of beer, the India Pale Ale.

I tend to prefer the West Coast American IPA, and for the most part that will be the focus of this blog.  Fortunately, I live in California (specifically San Francisco), where most of this delicious beer comes from.  Northern California has countless amazing IPAs, from Cellarmaker, Fieldwork, Bear Republic, Lagunitas, Almanac, Anchor and so on.  However, I do not discriminate (at least within CA), and cannot resist a hazy Monkish IPA, Sculpin from Ballast Point or Enjoy By from Stone.  This blog will attempt to review all these beers, and provide other information or thoughts as they come to mind.  Do not be alarmed if an occasional blog about where to drink IPAs with your dog, or about sports (more specifically the NBA), but I will be sure to incorporate IPA into the entry.

Feel free to share your thoughts, tell me why I am wrong, and generally participate in this blog.


One thought on “About

  1. I am an entrepreneur and beer lover. Often I find myself overwhelmed by the number of craft beer options available and find it difficult to choose one to try! Combining my passion for craft beer and entrepreneurship, I recently created a free iPhone application called YourBeer which solves this decision dilemma.

    YourBeer asks five fun and simple questions and recommends a type of beer to try based on the answers that someone selects. This creates an enjoyable way for people to pick a craft beer!

    Please let me know if you think your audience would enjoy this app and if it would be worth sharing with them. Also, I am working on creating a version 2 of the app, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    If not, no problem either!

    Kevin Panitch

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