Ballast Point Sculpin


Where – San Benito Ale House, Half Moon Bay

How – On Tap

Probably my favorite IPA.  Sculpin comes in at 7% ABV with 70 IBUs.

Sculpin pours a rich golden color.  Has a hint of lemon on the nose.  Flavor is fruity with some grapefruit hoppiness.  It packs a mouthful, but in a good and almost refreshing way for an IPA.  Smooth.


(pic from a more recent Sculpin indulgence at the Tradesmen in SF.  Sara approves).

The only problem with Scuplin IPA is unless you are buying it at a bar, it is exceedingly pricey.  At last check at Whole Foods, a 6er was $14.  I have found it to be $6-$7 on tap, or even bought cans at Gott’s in the SF Ferry Building for $5.

Overall, tough to beat.



Green Flash West Coast IPA

gree flash

Where – Dos Pinas Taqueria

How – On Tap

Green Flash West Coast IPA on-tap is always a welcome sight.  The local taqueria tends to have it on tap, and it is an easy pick for me.

It is actually a Double IPA, so the ABV is 8.1%, and you can taste it with the 95 IBUs.

Creamy head, with tropical and grapefruit zest.  Amber orange pour and intensely hoppy.  Fairly carbonated.


Overall, if I am in the mood for a bigger IPA, this is a good choice.  To me, it comes off hoppier than some of the others DIPAs like Enjoy By, and not quite as smooth.  There is some caramel sweetness and pineyness.  Aptly named, as to me, this is what a California, especially San Diego, IPA is.

My score: 86/100.

Coronado Brewing Frog’s Breath

Where – Steep Brew at Whole Foods Potrero Hill

How – On Tap

I recently at Frog’s Breath on tap at Steep Brew, the beer bar in our local Whole Foods.  The description of Frog’s Breath was interesting, and slight concerning.  Specifically, it was described as an unfiltered IPA being brewed with spices, kaffir lime leaf, lemon and orange zest. This type of description generally concerns me, as I prefer my beers without added flavors and spices.  However, the kaffir lime and spices were not prevalent, and at most, in the background.

Alcohol content was 6.5%.

Fairly foamy head with lemony, zesty and spicy finish.  Overall fairly smooth, and the finish was unique.  Would I get it again?  I would have one on tap, but I probably would not buy a 6 pack, 22 oz., or growler.

My rating: 70/100

Stone Enjoy By

Where – Steep Brew, Whole Foods Potrero Hill

How – On Tap


The first post must go to what is currently my favorite IPA out there, the Stone Enjoy By series.

At 9.4% ABV, this one is a monster.  I have had it both in the bottle and on draft, and it is delicious either way.

Fairly light head and carbonation is light.  Definitely has some grapefruit flavors, and extremely smooth.  Piney hop aroma.


This is the smoothest Double IPA I can ever remember having.  Closest other one is the Cafe Racer.  After the initial smoothness, there is a massive hit of the hops.

Each different Enjoy By “date” I have had has been consistently good with no variation noted.

My rating:  95/100

UPDATE – Recently had the Enjoy By 08/16/14 in bottle, still as delicious as all the prior iterations.

UPDATE – I recently had the 10/31/14 iteration (photo above), and it was a bit sweeter than prior iterations.