21st Amendment Personality Crisis

Where – 21st Amendment Brewery

How – On Tap

21st Amendment is a couple blocks away, so we make it there often.  One of the good and bad things about 21st is they have a fairly frequently changing beer lineup.  The good is that you get to try a bunch of different stuff.  The bad, once you find one you like it may be gone by the next visit.

Personality Crisis falls into the latter category.  It is a Double IPA with and ABV of 7.5%, with 75 IBUs.

For a Double IPA it was not as hoppy or alcoholic as most IIPAs. Fairly piney and citrusy.  Carbonation was moderate to light, which made for a smooth finish.  Felt more like a traditional west coast IPA (rather than IIPA) based on the subdued hops.

The bad news, it is apparently already gone, and not sure if or when it will be back.




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