Lagunitas IPA


Where – Pedro’s Cantina (most recently, Lagunitas IPA must be the most popular IPA on tap nationwide by now, right?)

How – On Draft

Lagunitas for me is like my Nike Free 5.0s. When I do not know what else to go with, go with the classic, easy and comfortable choice.

Lagunitas is the perfect IPA to have around the house at all times. Once we move out of the City and/or somehow figure out to get more room in the City this is likely what I will have on tap at home.  It is a smooth and not overly hoppy IPA, at least compared to most West Coast IPAs. That is evidenced by the approximately 45 IBUs, and although higher than non-IPAs, the ABV is on the low-side at 6.2%.

Color is a little lighter and golden than the bigger IPAs, with a bright, white head.

Hops mix well with light fruity flavor after some initial malty sweetness. Can be surprisingly refreshing for an IPA.

Overall, it is not going to knock your socks off but it is an excellent daily drinker. If you are having people over, you can guarantee a few people will enjoy it and even if they are not big IPA fans, they will put back a few.

Rating this one is difficult for me as the rating will not reflect its true value as an ideal “daily” beer. I had to rate it slightly lower as there is nothing “special” about it.



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