Green Flash West Coast IPA

gree flash

Where – Dos Pinas Taqueria

How – On Tap

Green Flash West Coast IPA on-tap is always a welcome sight.  The local taqueria tends to have it on tap, and it is an easy pick for me.

It is actually a Double IPA, so the ABV is 8.1%, and you can taste it with the 95 IBUs.

Creamy head, with tropical and grapefruit zest.  Amber orange pour and intensely hoppy.  Fairly carbonated.


Overall, if I am in the mood for a bigger IPA, this is a good choice.  To me, it comes off hoppier than some of the others DIPAs like Enjoy By, and not quite as smooth.  There is some caramel sweetness and pineyness.  Aptly named, as to me, this is what a California, especially San Diego, IPA is.

My score: 86/100.


2 thoughts on “Green Flash West Coast IPA

    • Well, I had to look this up to confirm, but Green Flash West Coast IPA is apparently 95 IBUs, and Stone Enjoy By is 88 IBUs. So i suppose my taste buds were right, if only by a small margin.

      Do you get these beers in Alabama?

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