Coronado Brewing Frog’s Breath

Where – Steep Brew at Whole Foods Potrero Hill

How – On Tap

I recently at Frog’s Breath on tap at Steep Brew, the beer bar in our local Whole Foods.  The description of Frog’s Breath was interesting, and slight concerning.  Specifically, it was described as an unfiltered IPA being brewed with spices, kaffir lime leaf, lemon and orange zest. This type of description generally concerns me, as I prefer my beers without added flavors and spices.  However, the kaffir lime and spices were not prevalent, and at most, in the background.

Alcohol content was 6.5%.

Fairly foamy head with lemony, zesty and spicy finish.  Overall fairly smooth, and the finish was unique.  Would I get it again?  I would have one on tap, but I probably would not buy a 6 pack, 22 oz., or growler.

My rating: 70/100


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