Stone Enjoy By

Where – Steep Brew, Whole Foods Potrero Hill

How – On Tap


The first post must go to what is currently my favorite IPA out there, the Stone Enjoy By series.

At 9.4% ABV, this one is a monster.  I have had it both in the bottle and on draft, and it is delicious either way.

Fairly light head and carbonation is light.  Definitely has some grapefruit flavors, and extremely smooth.  Piney hop aroma.


This is the smoothest Double IPA I can ever remember having.  Closest other one is the Cafe Racer.  After the initial smoothness, there is a massive hit of the hops.

Each different Enjoy By “date” I have had has been consistently good with no variation noted.

My rating:  95/100

UPDATE – Recently had the Enjoy By 08/16/14 in bottle, still as delicious as all the prior iterations.

UPDATE – I recently had the 10/31/14 iteration (photo above), and it was a bit sweeter than prior iterations.


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