Fall River Brewing Widowmaker

Where – Anselmo Vineyards in Shingletown

How – On Draft

ABV – 10.2%

IBUs – 100+


We recently made the trek up north to visit family in Redding.  During our stay, we had a pretty fantastic brunch at Anselmo Vineyards in Shingletown.  Part of the reason brunch was so great, a few Widowmakers from Fall River.

I had never heard of Fall River, let alone their IIPA.  However, I was very happy to find it.

The pour is a nice copper color with medium head and carbonation.  Aroma is not as hoppy as one would expect from a IIPA with a 10.2% ABV.  Aroma had some tropical fruit notes.


Taste was very smooth, not overwhelmingly hoppy but the hops are present throughout.  Fairly heavy and thick mouthfeel.

If you have ever been up to Redding, you know it can get quite hot.  It was pushing 100 degrees when we were at brunch, and we were sitting outside.  Nonetheless, I was happy to suck down 3 of these with brunch.

One word to describe this beer…dangerous.  Rarely do you find a IIPA that is so drinkable.  I did not expect this beer when we planned our trip to Redding, but have a great reason to get back there (other than to see the infamous @realjohncarter and his lovely wife of course)



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